martedì 13 gennaio 2015

Being on the Edge

Dear Edge Condition,
when I was asked to write an essay for Edge Condition about my practice and about the theoretical basis that stands at the origin of it I consciously bypassed the theme of a possible relation between what I was going to say and the condition of 'being on the edge'.
In other words in my article I never directly detailed anything related to 'the vocation and activity of those positioned on the fringe of the formal architecture sector ', as Twitter bio of Edge Condition says, or, to say it better, at least in my opinion, I draw a picture of a theory and a practice of a designer that tries to be exactly in the middle of 'the formal architecture sector'.
But as Thomas Hardy well knew, any written piece says many things more than what the conscious will of the writer thinks.
This thought has inhabited my mind in all these weeks after the issue of the magazine, till the moment when I realized that all the architecture sector is permanently and definitely 'on the edge', as an inner and even constituent 'condition' of the discipline.
I say this because more and more architecture is a multi-related discipline, due to technology, engineering, sustainability and more, but also because architecture, since the beginning of time, has always been related to psychology, memory, behaviour, rite, even more than knowledge of materials or geometry.
We are all in an edge condition because it is towards all the edges of the discipline that we have to look to find a more poignant reason for architecture itself, to find a true basis for our buildings and societies, and to put together in a dignified way all this 'mess' that is always related to architecture and that is just faintly defined by a great series of related, parallel and bordering disciplines.
I think the idea that is at the basis of the magazine is thus fundamental for the future of architecture as it explicitly (and consciously) highlights that we have, as designers, to care for all the edges of our main field to reach an authentic result in what we design and do.
Maybe architecture is not only interrelated to a myriad of other disciplines but more and more less definite as a field of knowledge. Maybe architects today can be web designers, virtual designers, movie makers and more.
But even in the middle of 'the formal architecture sector' it's paying attention to all these edges that makes our discipline true and authentic, human-related and truly life-enhancing.
Being on an edge condition is a good starting point for the architect of the 21st century

Bruno Tonelli

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